Proposed Courses

The courses will be defined from the results of the industry-wide consultation currently underway. Many of the short courses will form part of full apprenticeships, with modules being selected to create a package of learning. The modules can also be taken as standalone courses if someone wants to focus on a specific area of learning; this may be useful for those already engaged in the trade who wish to learn more about certain areas.

Possible courses include:

  • Introduction to firearms, including history, safety and the law – for those new to the industry;
  • Introduction to engraving and further engraving courses;
  • Introduction to Chequering and further Chequering courses;
  • Servicing a firearm and further modules;
  • Firearm repair and further modules;
  • Firearm design and further modules;
  • Firearm manufacture and further modules;
  • Shooting disciplines and etiquette;
  • An introduction to Actioning a firearm, with further learning available;
  • An introduction to stocking a firearm, with further learning available;
  • An introduction to finishing a firearm, with further learning available;
  • Many more.

We will also be working with existing training providers to support the industry with potential funding for their courses.