Potential funding

One of the aims of the academy is to find potential funding streams for some of the courses being offered. This will be most relevant to any young people entering or working in the industry, such as apprentices, and many of the courses planned will be aimed at training that next generation.

At present, the Worshipful Company of gunmakers offer funding for gunmakers who take on apprentices. This route has worked for many years and the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers efforts have supported the British trade for many years and will continue to do so for years to come. The aim of gaining the Government accreditation is to support the work already undertaken with additional revenue streams to bring more young people into the industry. As such, the Worshipful Company of gunmakers are working to have an apprenticeship created with the name of, “Gunmaker”, which will give each apprentice a Government accreditation and allow the employers to access funding for their training.

The training can then be provided however the employer sees fit. For instance, many of the larger gunmakers already have established training routes and they could access the funding to compliment their work. Smaller gunmakers, gun shops and other parts of the industry, are unlikely to have access to many elements of training needed and the Burrard Academy will support these sections of the trade with training, as defined by the consultation.

By having the course accredited, funding will become available for young people wishing to enter the industry. This funding can be used in a number of ways through the Government’s, “Trail blazer”, scheme and the Burrard Academy will offer elements of training for those working for organisations not large enough to have internal training routes.

For more information on the trail blazer scheme please click here for the informative SQA, question and answer page.

As the project develops, more information on potential funding will be added to this page, but please do not hesitate to contact Drew Boxall to discuss this further in the mean time – 07943 190044 – Drew@boxallandedmiston.co.uk