Why “The Burrard” Academy

Why, “The Burrard” Academy?

A trilogy of books entitled, “The Modern Shotgun” were first published in 1931, written by Major Sir Gerald Burrard. The three books are divided into what Burrard describes as, “three natural divisions”, entitled:

  • The Gun;
  • The Cartridge;
  • The Gun and Cartridge;

These books are a wonderful example of how someone has attempted to record in detail the makings and workings of a gun and many of the teachings remain true to this day. The effort to record such information, to ensure it is available for the next generation, is something we are attempting to do and it seemed a fitting tribute to name the Academy after a man who started this work, nearly 100 years ago.

An extract from the introduction rings true for our work on the academy, this project cannot work if not together:

“I could never have completed this volume without the cordial help of the gun trade in general, and it gives me the most real pleasure to make this sincere acknowledgment. I would particularly like to thank all those gunmakers who so kindly lent me actions to strip and study at my leaisure-namely, Messrs. Boss, Dickson, Holland, Lancaster, Lang, Westley Richards, Wood-ward. From all these firms, as well as from Messrs. Beesley, Greener, Martin, Powell and Purdey, I have received the most ungrudging and generous help.” 

Other books had been produced on the subject, including the wonderful series by W.W.Greener, The Gun and it’s development, as well as J.H.Walsh’s, The Modern Sportsman’s Gun and Rifle.