The British Association for Shooting and Conservation

The Burrard Academy has been created for the good of the entire trade. By working together, we can help provide training for the next generation. The following list details all those who have kindly become involved and their role in the project.

BASC – to provide training expertise, marketing, management and logistical support.BASC_LOGO

British Shooting Show

The team at the British shooting show are supporting the project in many ways as they recognise the value of training the current and next generation. The Burrard Academy will be at the British shooting show and we look forward to seeing you there!

Boxall & Edmiston Gunmakers

Drew Boxall – organising the project – a gunmaker at Boxall & Edmiston specialising in engineering, communications and marketing.BandElogoblackforwebsite

GTA – providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all areas of the project, the GTA will be one of the organisations ensuring the courses are of a standard that everyone can be proud of.


The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers

As the long-established guardians of firearms safety, the Worshipful Company will work with all stakeholders to ensure the highest standards are obtained. The Worshipful Company also provides bursaries to support apprenticeships and help bring talented and promising gunmakers into the industry.CoatOfArms