An Introduction to Firearms – three days

This course has been designed for those who are new to the industry or wishing to start a career in the gun trade. It covers all of the basics and equips attendees with the knowledge they need to work safely in the trade.

Day one – Firearms Safety and the Law with Bill Harriman.

The first day covers the most important element of training when working or dealing with firearms, in the safety and law. With detailed explanations and examples, day one will give those attending all the knowledge they need to start working in the industry.

This is the BASC approved and provided Firearms Safety and the law course and is provided by arguably the most knowledgeable firearms expert in Britain today, BASC and Antique’s roadshows Bill Harriman. The safety and law when working with firearms should never be underestimated and this day will go a long way to helping attendees understand the importance.

Day two – The History of Firearms with Lewis Potter and Ammunition explained

The history of firearms is a long and wonderful story, that has been compressed down into its key elements by gunsmith and writer Lewis Potter. With live examples and the opportunity to handle and witness the workings of a range of firearms, this part of the course will give the foundation for anyone wanting to understand the subject in any detail.

The ammunition session will build upon the course content provided by Lewis with a talk on modern ammunition and how it works – an important factor for anyone working in the trade.

Day three – Firearm manufacture, Craftsmanship and features with Peter Boxall; followed by an afternoon of shooting with Peter Boxall and Peter Harris

Understanding the craftsmanship and manufacturing principles of firearms is important when buying, selling or working with them as their methods will impact on price and working practice. This part of the course shows attendees how modern and traditional firearms are manufactured, with a tour of a working factory, demonstrations and examples for every aspect.

The afternoon’s shooting is an opportunity to put all the knowledge gained into practice, with pattern plating, the opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms and examples or explanations of different shooting disciplines.

The cost of this course is currently £600, there is a 20% discount for BASC or GTA members. To reserve a place on the course please contact us via the contacts tab, the option to pay by paypal will be available soon.

Next course – 20th, 21st and 22nd February 2017 – 5 places available.