Courses trade

The initial courses have been designed and developed to give those wishing to enter the industry, or for those interested in learning more about firearms, the opportunity to advance their skills with interesting and informative lessons. All of the courses are taught by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

More courses are being developed with specifics for those in the trade in development. The Government funding for apprenticeships is incredibly complicated and their rules continue to develop as the project changes, but we are keeping up-to-date and will continue to work towards “Gunmaker” as an apprenticeship.

An Introduction to Firearms – three days

This course has been designed for those who are new to the industry or wishing to start a career in the gun trade. It covers all of the basics and equips attendees with the knowledge they need to work safely in the trade.

An introduction to firearms – two days

This is a condensed version of the trade course and is perfect for those who are interested in firearms or working on the periphery of the industry, such as the media.

An introduction to Firearm design – one day

An introduction to gunsmithing – one day