How Firearms are made – one day

In 2017, after a series of requests, two one day courses were created for those who have an interest in firearms and would like to enhance their knowledge. Both courses are being taught at the Burrard Academy classroom, which is based in the Boxall & Edmiston gunmaking facility in Shropshire.

Following on from the design course, this one day module will explain each of the processes used when a gun is made. With a talk on how a firearm is designed, manufactured, actioned, stocked, engraved, finished and tested, with live examples and demonstrations. The course will also be an opportunity for a full factory tour, to explain how a gun is made by some of the craftsmen working at the bench. This course will not only look at how modern firearms are made, it will take the attendees back to when men formed the components by hand and give a charted history of firearms manufacturing.

This course will be taught by Peter Boxall, former manufacturing Director of Holland & Holland and Proprietor and Managing Director of Boxall & Edmiston gunmakers.

This course is best taken with the How Firearms work one day course, but it is not necessary to do so.

Mono-bloc manufacture